What does "Cold Pressed" mean?

Cold-pressed juice refers to juice that uses a hydraulic press to extract juice from fruit and vegetables, as opposed to other methods such as centrifugal or single auger.

Cold pressed juices of this type tastes fresher and contains more nutrients than pasteurized juices.

Making cold-pressed juice is a two-step process, the first stage is to shred the fruits and vegetables into a pulp. Typically the shredding process uses a steel rotating disc, produce is loaded into a large hopper feeding tube and typically falls into a filter bag. The second process is the hydraulic press, this exposes the shredded produce to extreme pressures between two plates. The pressure causes the juice / water content from the produce to drip into a collection tray below, leaving behind the fibre content in the filter bag.

This type of juice has been commercially produced for decades, but has gained a lot of popularity in the last 5 years.

Are these juices organic?

All juices are an all-vegetarian diet of certified organic produce made from whole-foods that are grown by USDA certified organic farms, and handcrafted in Seattle using high pressure processing (HPP) in a way that maintains the fullest potential of each ingredients nutrients and its active natural live enzyme compounds.

What is a juice cleanse?

Juice fasting is a detox diet in which to help a person consume only fruits and vegetables while abstaining from food consumption for the sake of unleashing the natural healing power of the body. Juicing fruit and vegetable will retain most of of the vitamins, minerals and plant chemicals (phytonutrients faq) that would be found in the whole versions of those foods, flooding the body with powerful nutrients and antioxidants. Phytonutrients aren’t essential for keeping you alive, unlike the vitamins and minerals that plant foods contain. But when you eat or drink phytonutrients, they may help prevent disease and keep your body working properly. Juicing can be beneficial for people with elevated cholesterol and high blood pressure, and those suffering from autoimmune diseases, like arthritis, digestive problems and skin conditions. Why might you consider juicing or juice fasting? Read more about the benefits of juicing.*

Does juicing really work?

According to practitioners, “unnatural” foods cause imbalances in the body’s cell composition, imbalances that are corrected and rebalanced with the juices’ nutrients. Consumption of natural organic fruits and vegetables activate the bodys extraordinary ability to heal itself through an organic, plant-based diet of raw juices. This treatment method is frequently used to sustain the body during long fasts or as part of the Gerson Therapy. Some other proponents suggest juicing as a way to add more plant-derived nutrients to a person’s usual diet.

Are you in Seattle?

Yes! We are a Seattle based company and serve the Seattle area.

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