Our Story

Founded in 2009, Healeo is dedicated to providing delicious, top quality, organic cold pressed juices to its customers.

Healeo began as a juice bar in Seattle, WA and has since partnered with Charlie’s Produce. Charlie’s Produce has been a staple of the PNW since the late 1970’s. Now a part of the Charlie’s Produce family, we produce cold pressed juices for wholesale distribution. Our juice is 100% organic and high pressure processed, with no sugars, waters, or other additives.

High Pressure Processing

High Pressure Processing for cold-pressed juices

100% Organic

Not only do we believe in juicing the very best produce around, but by supporting organic farmers we are supporting their sustainable practices as well.

Healeo has been committed to organics since the very beginning. Organic farming improves soil health, avoids the use of pesticides, and provides better working conditions for the farmer. Sustainable farming practices are better for mother earth, better for the farmers, and better for YOU!

Stemilt Apple Growers

Farm to Bottle


We use only the finest Washington Apples grown by Stemilt growers. The Mathison family of Stemilt has been farming for over 100 years and we are proud to work with this family-owned farm!
Cal Farms

Farm to Bottle

Cal Farms

Cal Farms, where we source our organic kale and beets, has been farming using sustainable practices for over 4 generations. Their farm is along the fertile banks of the Willamette River, in Oregon, where they produce exceptional crops that make our cold-pressed juices better than the rest.

Farm to Bottle

Ralph’s Greenhouse

Ralph’s Greenhouse, in Mt. Vernon, WA, grows many different organic crops year-round and we are proud to feature their organic spinach in our Green Drink and Skin Detox juices. Your purchase of Healeo cold-pressed juices supports the hard work of our organic farmers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does cold-pressed mean?

Cold-pressed refers to juice that has been extracted in a cold environment, using a hydraulic press, as opposed to other methods such as centrifugal. Cold-pressed juices of this type taste fresher and contain more nutrients than pasteurized juices.

Are your juices organic?

Yes! All our juices are organic and non-gmo.

Where can I buy your juices?

Healeo is available for purchase in many stores around the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Our store finder can help you find the location nearest you!

Can I buy juice directly from you?

We are only available for wholesale distribution through Charlie’s Produce. If you would like your local grocery store to carry Healeo please contact us or your local store!

What exactly is HPP?

HPP or high pressure processing is an alternative to high-heat pasteurization. Our bottled juices get loaded into a cold-water bath and squeezed under high pressure. This process extends the shelf life, kills any potentially harmful bacteria, and preserves the nutrients.

Where are you located?

Our juice is cold pressed in Seattle, WA.